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Jumpy Balla 2003 1.0 03/01/11 Trial version English

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Jumpy Balla is an excellent game for little children of 3-9 years. You are the ball with the name Balla. You are jumping throught the levels to find the exits.

You are a ball with the name ;Balla;, which is hopping and hopping. Balla constantly hops through the landscape. You have to find the way to the exit.

Pick up all smilys you can see. Therefore you get a lot of points. There are smilys with 5,10 or just 50 points. But the smilys with 50 points fly away like a ballon, as soon as they has no more contact to a 10-point-smily.

Smilys with the sad faces take during a contact 1000 points from your score off. At the beginning you have 10 lives, but it can change very fast.

Everytime you contact a skull, you will lose one life. If you see a heart, be fast and pick it up. Each heart brings you an extra life. Ghosts should disappear as fast as possible, because they make all enemies nearly invisible.

If a ghost should meet the ball, then the ball will be likewise nearly invisible for some time. In addition the ball behaves in this time a little bit charmed.

The symbol EXIT brings you to the next level. But first you must pick up all smilys in the level. And then there are still the very common opponents, the wusels.

The wusels behaves like normal houseflies. No one knows, in what direction they will fly the next moment. If you contact with a wusel, then immediately 5 points will be taken off.

The wusels can come in whole swarms. But it is possible to defending you. If you press the space key, you can set off anti-wusels, which are flying away like little eat-killers.

However, each anti-wusel has only a lifetime of some seconds. The anti-wusels has the following effects: Wusels will be destroyed immediately.

Skulls and the bad smilys will be lamed. They cannot longer move. Lava walls will be broken. Use the ammo economically, otherwise you cannot continue in some levels, because you have no more shots.

Note that you need a lot of shots to break throug the lava walls. A lot of lava walls will block the way to the exit. With your ammo you can blow up holes in the wall.

The best weapon you have, are the black Help-Balls. Simply pick up a black Help-Ball and he will always follow you. Pull the Help-Ball behind yourself and destroy with it the enemies.

Every destroyed enemy will add 100 points to your score. After the enemy was destroyed, the Help-Ball grows a bit. From this moment the Help-Ball is your enemy.

Each contact will take off 25 shot ammunition. You shouldn't select all extras, because some ways to the extras are very dangerous. The little gravity-pixels are also very dangerous.

One contact and you have a very heavy iron ball for some time. At the beginning you have 100 shot ammunition. You should pick up all small heaps of ammunition.

Each heap bring 50 shots new ammunition to you. The Game looks very simple, so that also the children have a good overview of the game. The fist 20 Level are quite easy to play.

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